Ceramics at Market: Ones to watch

It was super cool to be included in Ceramic Review's selection of ones to watch at the coming Independent Ceramics Market. I am in great company as I admire William Edmonds, Lucy Kirk and Elliott Denny a lot. Their styles are very different to mine, which I love, I think it's that the vessels come across much more relaxed in essence!

Read the interview below:

‘My work leans towards simple shapes with a graphic aesthetic; I like to create contrasts with colour, texture and pattern to decorate my vessels’

I’m quite an impatient person, so working with ceramics is challenging. I stagger my process so that there are always products at different stages of the making process, working on different things as they become ready.

I prefer precision in my designs. Glaze is the least controllable element, so I tend to paint with slips and use minimal glazing techniques. Although I like working to a plan, some of my favourite pieces have been quite impulsive and experimental, and have become products that I now make regularly.

I studied Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins. Then, I joined Turning Earth – a shared ceramics studio – in 2014, and have since become part of the mentoring team, assisting newcomers. I recently joined Clay Collective, a group of 12 potters, and now produce most of my creative work from Hackney Downs Studios.

I was always drawn to working in 3D. Nothing feels more natural to me than making things with my hands. There is something very satisfying about ceramics; I think it’s the transition that happens in the kiln. You can do everything in your power to create a specific finish, but until the door of the kiln opens, you’re never sure what you’ll get. I think this is what most potters get addicted to: the ‘kiln fix’.
— https://www.ceramicreview.com/ceramics-market-ones-watch/

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